New APSCo Forum Data Protection

Since the new GDPR law came into force in 2018, data protection in the EU has been tightened and is broadly referred to as "protection of personal data" and is intended to protect the rights of an individual in relation to their data. For example, it can have serious consequences for an individual if the private e-mail address becomes public, intimate details such as one's own medical history or private conversations in the form of chat histories are made accessible to everyone, or sensitive bank data are published . GDPR aims to ensure that natural persons are protected from data misuse.

Because the staffing companies in particular are constantly working with personal data from candidates and applicants, GDPR and data protection are also particularly important to us and an essential part of our day-to-day business. Our candidates have a great interest in the protection of their personal data. Data protection has become increasingly important, particularly as a result of advancing digitization. Candidate data is stored or stored in social networks, websites and, last but not least, in various web-based systems.

Because the topic of "data protection" regularly raises questions and is constantly evolving, we are therefore setting up our own APSCo forum "Data Protection & GDPR" in response to this and the many inquiries from members.A separate forum because data protection is not only important in candidate management and recruitment, but must also be considered and considered in all internal processes and structures. Data economy, storage limitation and the many further requirements of the GDPR are primarily relevant for us for handling the data of candidates, so far that is correct. However, the internal perspective, one's own consultants and employees and one's own business processes are often forgotten.

For the overall exchange of experiences and best practices between the members, we are therefore setting up the new APSCo forum "Data Protection" and invite all members and all those interested in our industry to the first online date of our data protection forum.

Bring your current questions and challenges to our forum and get expert advice from Stephan Frank, Data Protection Consultant. You can also send them to [email protected] in advance.

Please Note:

By registering or participating in the online seminar, you agree that the organizer APSCo Deutschland GmbH may share your entered data with the service provider (Stephan Frank Consulting - whose information on data protection and the processing of the entered data can be found here: https: // and you also agree that the organizer APSCo Deutschland GmbH may pass on your entered data to the speaker in order to send you further, possibly promotional information on the topic and content of the online seminar. You will find detailed information on the passing on of your collected data and in particular your rights as a natural person in terms of data protection in the notes on data protection on our website